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Your mobile HQ - fully equipped for professional CCTV pipeline inspection. All our van-fit work is carried out in-house by our skilled joiners and auto-electricians.

Tried and Trusted

Minicam custom Van fit-outs are trusted throughout the Pipeline Inspection industry. Over 30 years of in-house design, product development and live testing have resulted in our best van-fit specification, the SURVEYPro. We constantly improve the design, layout and features to deliver a mobile HQ fully equipped to provide your business with pipeline inspection solutions for today’s challenging environments.

The Build

After the initial consultation with the client, we provide a bespoke layout specification designed to the exact requirements of your business. On delivery of your vehicle to our workshops, our team of joiners, auto-electricians and installation technicians work to our exacting standards to build a highly productive, safe, secure, user-friendly inspection vehicle. Minicam CCTV vans are renowned throughout the industry for quality workmanship and attention to detail.


Auto Electrics

Our in-house auto-electricians carry out the first fix of electrical wiring used to operate the mains consumer unit and state-of-the-art Victron mass combi-inverter with digital battery status and condition monitoring. Also, at this stage, wiring is routed for everything from a rear-view camera, intercom system and night heater to an air compressor, LED roof beacons and the all-important inspection system control unit.


All internal walls and bulkhead are paneled with strong, yet lightweight plywood and finished with a durable wipe-clean surface. Our standard Van-fit solution includes various cabinets, storage shelves and cubbies manufactured in-house, and designed to make the maximum use of available space.


The walls of the studio are finished with a heavy-duty fabric with acts as insulation and soundproofing, providing a comfortable environment for the technician. Our Van-fit technicians take pride in the finish of our upholstery with special attention to detail.


We always work to improve every aspect of our van-fits and use customer feedback to integrate improvements and make the vehicles, more productive, safer and easy to use for the technician. Our attention to detail is second-to-none, and we are constantly adding new innovative features to continue to make Minicam van-fits stand out from the rest.

Popular Vehicles for CCTV Fit-out




  • Desktop workbench with lockable drawers

  • Control Unit and PC housings

  • Concealed wiring

  • Seating for 2 operators

  • LED lighting

  • Intercom system

  • Viewing window to rear workspace

  • Rain defender




  • Rackmount industrial PC

  • LCD TFT anti-glare monitors 15″ to 21″

  • Battery status and charging controls

  • Studio heating with programmable timer

  • Pull-out shelf for notepad

  • Printer and printer shelf

  • WinCan reporting software

  • Chemical toilet




  • Work areas coated with impact resistant washable surfaces

  • Heavyweight lockable slider unit for large crawlers

  • Storage for accessories such as cones, signs, manhole grips etc.

  • Intercom system

  • Van interface box

  • LCD TFT colour screen for live picture viewing

  • LED work area floodlight

  • Anchor points for lashing straps




  • Hot and cold handwash

  • Washdown facility with pump

  • Air compressor

  • Tripod storage area

  • Rear workspace heating

  • Extra LED work area floodlight

  • Side door work light

  • Rear view security camera with studio monitor




  • Thatcham approved vehicle alarm

  • Armaplate security on all doors

  • Dead locks

  • Reversing camera with cab monitor

  • Amber LED strobe lighting to front and rear

  • Towbar

  • Rear access step

  • LED roof beacons

  • Solar panels on the roof

  • Extra 12v sockets

  • External vehicle camera system

  • Chapter 8 high visibility chevrons

  • Conspicuity stripes

  • Rear canopy

On-board Power

The power facility is concealed beneath the padded studio seat and features a cleverly integrated compartment, below which is the power distribution for the on-board equipment. Comprising a mains consumer unit and state-of-the-art Victron mass combo-inverter with digital battery status and condition monitoring.