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Inspection Software

Record mainline surveys, and generate PACP reports and deliverables.

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Inspection Software

This comes embedded with the control unit as standard, giving the ability to perform comprehensive inspection reports on-site and handed into the office for distribution purposes only. This in turn saves time on administration costs and gets the results to the client faster.

Minicam’s Proteus and SOLO PRO+ Control Units are WiFi-enabled to allow remote access to stored images and data. Users can simply drag and drop files from the control unit to the PC, or upload to the Cloud directly on-site.

All Minicam equipment is compatible with the inspection/survey software.

PipeLogix is the software of choice for ease of use, clarity, flexibility and informative reports. Because PipeLogix has always been an Asset Based Program, it easily interfaces with asset management programs since it utilizes unique mainline pipes, lateral pipes, and manholes within the program and tracks surveys done on them.

PipeLogix is sold as modules so you can start with the basic inspection package and add modules as needed. All modes are available with the core module and contain a complete set of pipe defect codes so you are up and running in 15 minutes, producing professional reports.

​What is a mode? A mode is an operating template that controls the survey format and codes used. The modes available include PACP, PACP7, WRc, New Zealand, SCREAM, and customizable Standard. PipeLogix software works the way you want—on site or back in the office.

With release of version 6.5.0 Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 are all supported operating systems.


WinCan VX Reporting Software

  • Database Capabilities

  • WRc3 and WRc4 compliance

  • GIS integration

  • Advanced technology modules

  • Enhanced reporting

  • Support for network installation

  • Support for enterprise databases

  • (Oracle, SQL)

WinCan VX is the core of the entire WinCan product family. It offers the core functionality you need to collect pipe inspection data, organise it into a database, and generate inspection reports that graphically display the pipe and its defects. WinCan VX also allows you to manage data in the office post-inspection, share it with clients using free viewer software, and export it in a variety of formats. Various report templates present a concise summary of asset condition, and can be fully customised to individual needs.

•WinCan software is sold separately

Product Code: WIN-CAN-REP