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Designed for larger pipe diameters with high flow rates, this heavy duty crawler makes easy work of inspections in more difficult environments. Up to 2200mm Pipe Diameter with Elevation Platform.

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Key features

Motorised Elevator

Motorised elevator allowing the user to adjust the height of the camera for larger pipe diameters.

Wheel Configuration

Steerable high-torque all-wheel drive and Minicam's quick change wheel lock with our rich black, soft rubber tyres developed to provide improved traction in regular pipes.

Inclination Sensor

The dual axis inclination sensor is suited to monitor changes in the inclination over longer periods.

Auxiliary Lights

Dual mounting for Minicam Auxiliary Lights to provide extra illumination during pipeline inspections.

CAN Bus Technology

CAN Bus technology enables communication between each attached component.


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  • Pipe Sizes

    300mm to 1000mm

  • Weight


  • Multi-Frequency Sonde


  • Measurements (H x W x L)

    205mm x 235mm x 575mm