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Orange is the new Green

Minicam has designed and manufactured the tried and trusted Verisight® Pro push camera for over 10 years. The rugged, feature-rich system that you’ve depended on to keep you working, now ships in orange.

Get your SOLO PRO+ and Verisight® Pro systems serviced using original manufacturer parts at our service centers in the USA by our team of skilled technicians.


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Minicam Inc, 12600 Newburgh Road, Livonia, MI, 48150
Email: Phone: (734) 744-5557

Minicam SOLO PRO+ push camera system

Engineered to Perform

SOLO PRO+ handles it all

High-quality components are used in all Minicam products, and our skilled technicians build each system by hand to our exacting standards. Every SOLO PRO+ System is checked and rigorously tested before leaving our UK factory, and you can rest assured that we’re right behind you, with our impeccable service and aftercare.

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Minicam SOLO PRO+ coiler for push camera system


SPP 130 / 200 / 330

The coiler frame is the carrier for the coiler rod, the camera and the CCU.  To provide you with the best system to suit your inspection requirements, Minicam coilers are available in 3-rod lengths. The mid-size 130-foot and the large 330-foot come with wheels for safe and easy mobility. Minicam uses only the highest-grade push rod. Manufactured to our exacting standards, the rod is semi-rigid with a tough, durable outer sheath. Manufactured to perform reliably in harsh conditions.


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collage of Minicam precision cameras

Precision Cameras

Engineered to exceed your optical standards!

The highest quality components are used in our camera designs, and our skilled technicians assemble and rigorously test the cameras at our UK production facility. Built for longevity, the cameras are rugged, with robust and precise connectors, and are engineered to perform with excellent optical qualities.

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service technician working on a camera repair

About Our Service

Minicam have a team of skilled technicians providing high-quality servicing and repair for our Proteus tractor systems and SOLO PRO+ push camera systems. As well as repairing Minicam equipment, we repair all other major push cameras, mainline and lateral systems, providing push rod and cable reterminations, camera head repairs, tractor repairs and control unit repairs.

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Push Camera Repairs & Reterms

We repair all makes and models of push camera systems. Services include push rod reterminations, camera head repairs and monitor repairs.

Mainline & Lateral System Repairs

We repair all makes and models of mainline and lateral inspection systems. Services include cable reterminations, camera head and tractor repairs.

Computer Repairs & Services

We troubleshoot and repair computers for pipeline inspection as well as refurbish aging computers with new components to get them running like new.

Locator & Receiver Repairs

We repair all makes and models of cable & pipe locators, metal detectors and locating receivers.